Changes in the past Year

I’ve changed a lot in the past year. I’ve made a lot of friends and become more open. High school has changed me a lot. It has changed my confidence in me and a bunch of other things. I have been here for almost two years and I’ve learnt a lot. The teachers have taught me a whole lot that changed me as well. Things that happen at school have affected me in a lot of ways. Seeing some of the bad things done in school has affected me. It’s helped me become stronger not falling into temptation of the bad things. I just moved from my paw paw’s house to my aunts. I didn’t like the situation at my paw paws. It wasn’t a good situation at all. My aunt said in the beginning of this year that I could move with her and I said yes. I ended up moving and being way happier than I was. My aunt provides for me, and does a great job working hard all the time to provide for me and her little boy. I have changed a lot since then. I can focus more on writing music to glorify Jesus and a lot more. I’m not around people that smoke cigarettes anymore, so my clothes smell better. I can breathe fresh air all the time and won’t have to worry about catching second hand smoke. Ever since I moved my grades have improved a lot, and I can focus on my school work. Church camp last summer changed me a lot as well. Church camp was amazing. They taught me so much. The band was amazing and brought me fully in to worshiping the whole time they were playing. There was one night that got me balling in tears and feeling Jesus inside of me. I’ve never felt like that before when I just started crying in tears. It felt great and made a great change in me. Now when I worship I feel like that all the time. I’ve learnt a lot from my youth pastor this past year too. All of the things that he has taught me helped me through a lot of things. I love all of the changes that have happened to me this past year. I don’t regret anything that has changed about me. Making the changes that I made over the past year is the best changes I’ve ever made. I know I can do better in my life with the changes that have happened. There’s still going to be improvement and changes in my future. I may or may not be ready for the changes, but I know they’re the will of God. I started in seventh grade and eighth grade caring about what people think of me. In the past year I have learnt that it doesn’t matter what people think about me. People can judge me all they want, and say what they want, but it’s not going to matter in the end. The only thing that’s going to matter is that I’m saved by Jesus Christ and going to heaven to be with him. I will use the changes that have happened to me next year and so on to better myself as a better Christian.

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