You Think Your Famous? But How Famous Are You!


Sometimes I see things on Tv that famous people have been doing and it’s the most dumbest thing anyone could do. Doing stupid things so the whole world can see you just gives them another reason not to like you. Yes I understand you just like me you have a life to, your a human just like me, you make mistake and blah blah blah blah but you have many young lady’s and young men that look up to you, your a role model to them. For example when Justin Bieber can out all the girls was saying “Baby,Baby,Baby Ohh” and all the boys were getting there hair cut like his and flipping there bangs. When he went to jail and smoking weed everyone stop liking him because he was a role model to them and now that he is messing up they don’t like him. It’s okay Justin everybody make mistakes as Miley Cyrus said, speaking of Mrs. Twerking Queen what’s done got into her Lord. With Miley Cyrus I think she always been like that just didn’t show it now that she’s grown she’s showing her true colors, who she really is deep down inside. This still goes with Miley too you are a role model you have young lady’s that look up to you and one day want to be like you. You don’t want them shaking there booty and dressed half naked. That’s all I think is wrong with these people they don’t understand many people around the world look up to you and some day wants to be like you ,and as a young lady many people now these days, I don’t want my daughter shaking her booty all across the Tv or think it cute to talk about sex in a rap or my son to be calling young lady’s out there name or talk about sex and what he’s going to do to them because it not cue. When you have million’s and million of people that want to be like you and dress like you act like you, and when they get older just be just like you, you have to be a good example to our young people these days. Lord I pray for all the famous people these days……. Amen!

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