Westburrow Bapbtist Church


Westburrow Baptist Church not only has a strong hatred towards “Fags”, but also towards the Islamic People, Jews, Media, Bible- Based Movies, Obama, Priest,and also believe that God hates the world. The sister sites to this website are just as malicious as WBC’s very own with their cruel names that are full of hate and abuse such as: godhatesislam.com, godhatesthemedia.com, signmovies.com, godhatestheworld.com, jewskilledjesus.com, beastobama.com, priestrapeboys.com, and blogs.sparenot.com. As I assume that you have already noticed the names of every one of these sister sites is very offensive to very many people in the way of religion, ethnicity, and those who are bisexual, gay, and lesbian. But not only the names of the sister sites are offensive but Westburrow Baptist Church’s very own domain name and website icon is also VERY offensive to others. The domain name is “Godhatesfags.com” and to make matters even worse by making their icon an upside down American Flag, which adds to the list of offended people such as: Patriots, War Veterans, Soilders, Government Officials, etc. Westburrow Baptist Church has also been kind enough to inform us how many people are going to Hell every second, number of dead Soldiers that supposedly God Hated and killed, and a tally of how many pickets they concocted. As example for their “numbers”: “6,804 Soldiers that God has supposedly killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, 52,566 pickets conducted by WBC (Westburrow Baptist Church), 926n cities that WBC has visited, 1,191 weeks that WBC has been in the mean streets of doomed America, a number that goes up by three every millisecond of people who God has currently just sent to Hell, and MORE… Even though I do not support gay marriage or gay rights, I do not believe in covering someone in hatred but instead love. “Love thy Neighbor, as thyself” – Mark 12:31. Although WBC claims to be Baptist I strongly disagree with what they claim to be because they are NOT Baptist by any means, and bring disgrace to the name of Christians. Christians are supposed to show others unconditional love as Jesus did for us. In my opinion Westburrow Baptist Church is the just another attention starved hate group that have no life on their own and instead have to cause irritate others for pure enjoyment. As you could hopefully see, Westburrow Baptist Church is clearly just a hate group, who can not get over the fact that the World does not agree with their foolish accusations and opinions.Even though WBC doesn’t support Gays and neither do I we have totally different standpoints. They think that you should abuse, neglect and shout hate at gays, while I think we should leave them be and show kindness and compassion. I also feel that they take the Bible out of content and have never heard of the Bible Verse “Love thy neighbor, as yourself” which is also one of the 10 Commandments.


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