Wassup With The Teachers!


Some of the teachers at El  dorado High School are dumb. Like why are they here I know a hand full of teachers if  i ask them for help they say try and figure out it by your self. When I try and figure it out by my-self  I still don’t get it so I think you should get up and tell help me with my work this is your job. Some teacher don’t even care, if you don’t care why should i care. If it was there children and they come to them and say my teacher never help me i wonder how would they feel. Sometimes i still feel like it a color things with teachers but there are some that love you even if your red they don’t care. Once i had a teacher always in everyone business. If you miss one day “Where have you been, do your mother know you was not at school?” Teacher at this school sometimes don’t care……….ITS YOUR JOB, SO HELP US!   One student that i asked about the teacher He said “They Are Gay”. Sometimes I feel in one of my classes she don’t do nothing ,but talk and play around with student……when I call her I ask her to help me and she keep on talking LIKE SHUT YOU MOUTH AND HELP ME ! What I like is when a teacher help me one on one that’s the only think I ask them to do. Some of my teachers do that, that’s why I like them so much. Like why and the  can teachers get to eat all they want,but when we try and slide something in our mouth I KNOW YOUR NOT EATING IN MY CLASS! I really be wanting you say ain’t you eating? Then I’m eating then, but there are some cool teachers out there you just do your work and you can do whatever. In my fourth period somebody get’s put out because they don’t know how to log in there computer to me that’s they stupid thing you could ever get put out for, maybe they forgot it or something. Like treat us just like your would treat your kids.

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