That’s The Way Love’s Goes!


Being in love can to the most wonderful thing on this world. Sometimes it can be the most hurtful thing in the world.  Sometimes some of us give our  lover to must trust,  they should gain your trust just  don’t give it all to them. If your a man and you but your hand on you women i think you weak for that. I learned a lot of stuff fro my mother, about relationship’s. In a relationship you should treat your women like a queen and your man like a king. Just don’t throw all of the time and the  love you put into the relationship and break up because of what someone said about the relationship ,or when they make’s lies  just to break you guys up. The main thing that i will no put up with is a cheater and a lair. If should  be real with each other no matter what, if it hurt my feeling i still want you to tell me. With the cheating part we can’t never work things out or get back together because if you do it once in my head you’ll do it again.  The trust will never be there if you lose my trust it’ll take you along time to get it back. Don’t listen to what other people say, with me being in a relationship i know how that goes. They’ll trying and break you up and when they see that you love him and he loves you and this is  who you want to be with no matter what no one got to say they’ll leave you along. Sometimes they just want to be loves because they never had someone to love them or there parents aren’t in there life. Being in a relationship is not all about sex, if the person your with want your body they can wait if they really love you. If not you should if you someone else that understand’s and want to wait till marriage. Waiting to marriage is a really good thing because right know there is a lot of Std’s going around and you can not trust any one with your body.  You should always have a line between your friends and your relationship because when you trust them and let them hang around each other to much they both can gain feeling for each other.  Never go and tell your business to other people because they can see where you guys are going wrong and try to break you guys up even more.Sometimes they could even run there mouth to other people, that’s why the only person  i talk to when i have problem is my mother and i try to talk and work it out with my boyfriend.

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