Technology Rules Everything Around Me!


Technology is a big part in everyone life, its like you can’t go anywhere without seeing it.  It is also causing a problem in the world and its called Cyber Bulling.  Technology shows is so many things like the News, shopping online just all kinds of stuff. Its really a good thing to have also use but some people just don’t know how to use it right. I think there just to much technology you have it now where you don’t even have to lock your door, turn the water off  Tv off and everything that’s  just getting lazy. What’s next to flush the toilet!  Everyday I get on Facebook ,Twitter just everywhere and see drama people making status about other people don’t know if that’s going to hurt there feeling are anything. Some people even kill them self over the stuff people say about them, and then they say it and the whole world can see it. Bulling online is the number one thing that’s going on right now. People can be so  mean to other people in this world. I think one day there just going to take the internet down.  If they do that then i think i will be better no more bulling, no more being lazy , no more nothing.  There are some good things about it, you can learn a lot of things about other things. Like in New Tech we use technology for everything.  It’s a good thing but then its a bad thing because some students be on things they should no be on.  Finding stuff on the internet is a good thing, some people work better  like that. Technology is life to people without it they think there nothing. When you go in the stores you see people on computers,School there computer there’s technology EVERYWHERE!  Just think where would you be with out technology? Most of people think they would have nothing, are couldn’t even live. I want to see what would the would be without it in our life. You can look up anything on the internet and find it that’s how powerful that its is. Kids start using technology when they are like three years old and they know everything about it. Some parents don’t want the kids on it because they see the bullying  and they things going on with the internet it getting wild. Sometimes when I look at the things going on I think is technology taking over us. We have to stop this we don’t need this, lets stop saying mean thing about other online and stuff we have to change something are its going to take over us. So what do you think? Do we have to change

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