Technologies improvement



Technology is a very important thing in the world right now. People use technology every day. There are so many ways that you can use technology. People use technology to play games and for other entertainment too. The television is an example of a technology device. People watch television all the time. We get entertained by it a lot. Entertainment is a big thing with technology as well. Actors out there in the world perform and act to make movies and television shows all the time. Those movies and shows can be shown on a television. Technology has grown so much that you can watch television or shows on your portable phone. I love playing on my cell phone all the time. I think of technology as a big entertainment system. All of them actors and directors that make the movies have to use some sort of technology device to make the movie. They have to use something like a camera or microphone and many more. They use a lot of technology to make the cartoons that they make today. They have improved the graphics on the cartoons and more. It takes high quality technology that has been made to make those cartoons. Cartoons are very popular too. They are especially popular to kids. They help kid’s imagination to grow and to spread out. These cartoon characters have stuffed animals a lot of the time that kids can play with when their parents buy them. Technology has come so far since it was invented. It came from wire phones to being portable cell phones. We can text people now and don’t have to call them. We can go basically anywhere with them, and use them anywhere in case of an emergency. The cell phones today can let you look up basically anything that you want to know or learn on a thing called the internet. The internet can help you in so many ways as well. An example would be someone wanting to know how to do a certain dance move. They can look it up with service or WI-Fi which is a service that people can get on their phones to connect to the internet. Without technology we couldn’t have music on disk and cellphones. Most of the things that they use in recording studios are a certain type of technology. Music producers use certain technology to put the music and edit it to the disk so the world can listen to it.  They have to use certain technology to make it available on the internet to be on phones and stuff to. I don’t know how it would be without technology in the world. It could be better or harder to move around. 

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