My opinion on young people and the world is that the world is damaging young people’s life. Younger kids start watching TV at a young age and soon start to act out scenes from TV. Some TV shows aren’t fit for a young person’s life. By the age of 3, a child is talking and probably saying what they’ve heard around them. No one wants their child in public saying inappropriate things because it may look as though that’s what the child is taught at home. Some kids even fight others, because that’s what they’ve seen. Around the age of 3, children are still being taught right from wrong. They don’t know if what they’re doing is wrong until they’ve been told. Television is a big impact on some of the things children do or say. Television now-a-days is vaguer and unacceptable. One way a child learns is visually, they do what they see other people do.  The saying “Monkey See, Monkey Do” is a good example of visual learning. If a child see’s someone fighting they’ll think it is okay to fight. Males usually potty train males because if a little boy sees a grown woman use the bathroom, he’ll start using the bathroom the way he’s taught. Younger kids mind aren’t set up as an adult, they aren’t born with the ability to know how to do things already. Children also pick up on words quickly. It’s best to watch what you say around a toddler because they’re in the speech phase and they’ll repeat anything at any time. I feel like the world around us is the reason why children look as though they lack discipline. School is one place where kids pick up a lot of personality traits. Households are different from others, so in other words children learn different things from their environment. Some children may pick up curse words here and there and some are probably taught not to curse. In school, children are around each other a lot. Your child may pick up bad habits from another child in school. No one wants they’re child to come home from school saying or doing anything inappropriate that they know they haven’t taught they’re child. I think all children should be taught what words shouldn’t be said and what things shouldn’t be did to prevent the habit from spreading to other children. Watch the environment your child is around at all times, your child shouldn’t’ be in a grown up event because grown-ups do grown up things like drink alcohol. Children shouldn’t be around adults while they are drinking because alcohol can have someone acting differently and the child may pick up on that activity.

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