Technology is basically life. There are a lot of things in life that deal with technology. People use technology every day. Technology should be known as the most used thing in the world. There are so many technology devices out there in the world that people use. I couldn’t even begin to name all of them. A lot of devices use batteries. A lot of devices also use plug in electricity or portable charge. Mostly everything that people use today is technology. Basically everyone uses a telephone or cell phone every day. They can help in a lot of ways, or ruin your life. There are a lot of people in the world who have become lazy and obese cause of technology. Some people will just set inside all day playing a game system. They won’t ever hardly go out and get some exercise. Technology can also be an addiction for a lot of people. They might have exercise equipment, but get to lazy cause they are far in a game and don’t want to quit and play later. Setting there all day inside eating food and playing games could affect them a lot. An example of a great technology device is the cell phone. It helps and can help a lot of people. There could be a time when you’re in a rec and need help. No one could be around and you pull out your cell phone to call the ambulance or cops. You could be dying soon and no one be around. Your cell phone could help you contact someone to come and help you get back to good health. Great technology like the cell phone can help people out more than you would think. The cell phone can also be harmful to people. There could be a time when someone is looking for another person trying to hurt them, and they track your phone were you’re at. That could be very bad for you because they would find you if you had your phone with you. You would never see it coming. Cell phones also do a lot of harm to a lot of people. They can cause people to come to death. There are so many people today that like to text and drive. More and more people get killed every day texting and driving. It is known as one of the most car accident happenings right now. Commercials also show people that have been killed because they’re texting someone and driving when they rec. That text can wait till you get to a stop or your destination. Technology is a very important thing today in the world. It can be good or bad.


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