Someone’s opinion can be great, good, bad, or horrible. Opinions are important to someone though. Your opinion could be way wrong or absolutely wright. Having an opinion could help you to solve some things. If you stick with what you know and have proof that it is wright, then you should have a chance to get it wright. Examples would be people like judges and coaches. There are many things out in the world that judges judge. One example would the television show, The Voice. The Voice is a very popular show. There are four celebrities who sit in a chair that turns around from the stage and when they hit their button it turns them around towards the stage. If they hear something that they like, they most likely will hit their button. If you watch the show you will see that they mostly wait to hear something that they expect to hear. Usher in one of the judges and didn’t hit his button until the contestant was almost through singing. He waited and heard something great like he wanted to hear in their voice to hit his button. The contestants that chose Usher as their coach had an opinion that he would be the coach to take them to the top. They had that faith in him, and the opinion that he would get them there. Judges have a certain opinion that makes them think and believe that what they like will be good. I have many opinions about things. I have a different opinion about beans than I do bacon. Bacon is like a taste of heaven, especially when it’s crispy. Beans are a mouth full of nastiness. They taste so horrible. Some people love them, and think they are the best food in the world. I think that they are so bad that I could just throw up thinking about them. My opinion about bacon is unexplainable. It tastes so good when you take a bite and just chew. It makes your taste buds melt with great taste. My opinion about strawberry ice cream, and mint chocolate chip are different. Strawberry ice cream is just plain amazing. I especially love it when there are fresh strawberries in it. They taste so good and cold. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is a different story. I’m not that big of a fan of mint. It just doesn’t taste right to me. Some people have the opinion that mint chocolate chip is very tasty. There are so many opinions out there in the world. Everyone has a different opinion. You could think that you and someone else is exactly alike, but that could be wrong. They more than likely will have something different than you like.


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