Technology has come a long way since it was discovered. People all around the world use technology so much every day. I would say that the first thing made beginning the thoughts about electronics was the light bulb. The light bulb was a great invention. It helps people see all the time in any place. Electricity has a lot to do with running the light bulb. The light bulb isn’t lit up until electricity connects with the part in side of it making it light up. Electricity really started it all. It started with the light bulb, and still continues to grow. Many things are thought up that becomes great technology. There are so many things out in the world that was invented. I couldn’t even begin to think, and name all of the technology devices that have been invented.  Someone created the telephone a long time ago. People have a way to communicate without being beside each other talking because of that invention. These things like the phone do a lot for everyone. It started with house phones, and now we have phones that are touch screen and have no chords. We started out with game cubes and old game devices that became very popular. Now we have PlayStation fours, and threes. We have graphics that are so close to looking reel life. They already look so reel when you play games. We had old small looking televisions, and now we have flat screens that can hook up to your computer screen and stuff. We had huge computers that took a lot of things to plug it in, and now we have lab tops that are portable computers that we can get on the internet from a device that allows us to have why fi. There are too many devices out there that I can’t think of them all. Technology affects everyone a lot today. I don’t know where we would be without a lot of technology. Having a cell phone has abled people that may be in trouble to call for help. Someone in your family could be in a car wreck and not have anything to tell someone that they’re in trouble and could dye. Now that we have a portable telephone we can let someone know when we’re in trouble. We even have portable location devices that help you get to places. Some people like to use maps, but the people that don’t can use a global portable system. It’s a device that helps you get to places that you need help getting to. It’ll tell you were to go and when to turn. We have so many devices. There are even devices that talk. People created robots that listen to them. Technology is a very important thing. It has also had its bad times to. Some technology has caused people to become fat and get to lazy. They get too caught up in the games and devices that they set around and eat without working out regularly. I don’t know where we would be without technology. 


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