Education is a great thing. Some people in the world could go without education. The main goal of having education in life is to educate us with many things in life. Education helps you get far in life. You can used the skills and things that you’ve learnt in school to help you with things in life. Some people choose not to care about education. They could turn out to be smart in their future. School gives you a lot of education to have in life. The math skills that teachers teach you could help you a lot with counting money and many other things. Education could take you a long way in life. The curtain amount of education that you have could determine what college you go to after high school. It could affect weather you could get a job somewhere or not. They might not hire you because you have a low education level. Curtain colleges like Harvard or any other big time college would decide if you got in by your level of education. There are a lot of things that you could do to better yourself in education. You could accomplish so many things with knowing things that was taught to you with great education. Some examples of the effects of having education is getting the job that you want if it requires a curtain type of education level. A lot of things in life determine on the amount of education that you have. There is so many things out there in the world that you could be better at with a great amount of education. An example would be someone wanting to be a cashier. They have to be good with counting money even if it is a little amount or big amount. They need to be able to give the people that are depositing the money the exact amount that they asked for. Some people don’t care about having education. Some of those people don’t go anywhere in their life. They turn out to be uneducated in life without the skills we learnt through all of those years in school. If you take the time and think about it, then you would realize how important education really is.

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  1. You are being kind of redundant. You say, “The main goal of having education in life is to educate us with many things in life. ” I would suggest adjusting that.

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