El Dorado High School is the most dysfunctional school, EVER. From the lunch to the staff, this school is the MOST annoying school ever. The lunch is horrible here. We have a choice everyday between the hamburger/chicken sandwich, pizza/burrito or homemade line. The homemade lunches usually taste like paper or water. The spaghetti is the worst homemade lunch ever. The hamburgers taste like veggie burgers, a whole bunch of crap thrown together. The pizza is thin and flimsy, not to mention tasteless. The pizza tastes like tomato paste on cardboard. The burritos are new here. The first week it was served it was okay. Then after a while it gets sickening and cold and the cheese thins. The lunch ladies hardly put cheese on the burritos trays and expect the cheese to be enough for the burrito and chips both. This school is VERY DYSFUNCTIONAL, I say again. The lunch ladies aren’t the worst but they aren’t the best either. Some are funny and some have bad attitudes. The other staffs are annoying to me period. I don’t like people anyways so I see why I don’t like the staff. Some teachers here are nerve wrecking with their smart mouths. The dress attire is all bad and so is they’re attitudes. Most teachers try to blame everything on Mrs. Reibe, if you can’t go to the bathroom it’s because of Mrs. Reibe. If you can’t wear a certain outfit, it’s because of Mrs. Reibe. Some teachers just look for things to get on to students about. I hate that so much, the one teacher that NEVER shuts up. Aside from the teachers and the lunch, the rules are pointless and stupid. Basically, you can’t wear anything, say anything, go anywhere and you’re locked in a school ALL day. 7 hours in ONE place with the same people you see 5 days a week is not as appealing as it may sound. Most schools have lunch leaves, but this school? No, you can’t leave at all unless you have co-op. The doors even lock when you leave out. This school is like a prison, the students are inmates and the staffs are the security guards.


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