Entertainment is an awesome thing. There are many ways in the world to entertain someone. People go to concerts all the time to be entertained. They could go to see someone famous or just someone that is performing.  Concerts are a big example of entertainment. There could be a concert for basically anything. They could go for a singer, rapper, magician, or anything. Another example would be television. Many families get together and watch something on television all the time. There are a lot of things on television to entertain people. Many of different types of movies to watch are out there. Scary movies, comedy, horror, and romantic are some examples of types of movies people watch. Stages Comedians are big in entertainment. An example of a great comedian is Kevin Heart. He is very funny. He tells many jokes that make people laugh all the time. The phrase, “you gone learn today” came from him. Other entertainment like Magicians does a lot of magic tricks. Harry Houdini was the most famous magician that I’ve heard of. He attempted many tricks like escaping from an escape jacket. The next biggest magician that I’ve heard of is Chris Angel. There were some amazing tricks that he attempted. Live concerts are a very big thing as well. People come alive at live concerts. There are so many concerts from many musicians. An example would be Winter Jam. It’s a great Christian concert that a lot of people go to. I went to it this year and it was about full. Everyone got pumped up and had the moments of worship as well. You can do many things in the world to be entertained. Many people choose games as their entertainment. Games are a very big thing in the world. I couldn’t keep track of the different types of games out there. War games, sports, adventure, horror, hunting, fishing and many more are out there to play. Game systems are very big too, like the PlayStation four. The Xbox one is a great game system as well.  Some people stay up all night and play games for a living. There are game designers, game experts, and many more. Entertainment is a great thing. Many people are entertained in many ways. Entertaining makes people happy and feel many ways. 


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